Compensation Plan

More About Our Compensation Plan

As you’ve seen, BitClub Network has three mining pools mining bitcoin and two GPU mining pools, mining other leading crypto-currencies such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero and ZCash. When you purchase a share, you’re purchasing a contract either for 1 000 days of bitcoin mining or 2 000 days of GPU mining.

For each share purchased (and you can buy as many shares as you wish), you’ll receive a daily pay-out – in the form of a commission – of whatever is being mined in that pool.

These commissions are paid in to your wallet and each pool has a repurchase percentage built-in to pay for expansion, maintenance, electricity and cooling expenses.

When you buy a mining pool, you can do so purely as an investor – or with the intention of building a team. If you do not like “recruiting”, you do not have to. Bitclub Network caters for both the investor and the teambuilder.

If network marketing is not for you, and the idea of building a team doesn’t appeal, absolutely fine: you buy a share in a mining pool and do nothing further than watch your share grow over the 1 000 days or 2 000 days of your mining contract.

Your anticipated growth in investment is between 3 and 5% per month (based on previous performance). While BitClub does not, and never will, guarantee a return on investment, the 3 – 5 % growth per month is an expected return. Depending on the profitability of the mining, it could be higher some months, and lower other months.

By the end of the 1 000 days, in the case of a bitcoin mining pool, your one share might have grown to two shares, or even three shares. So you benefit as the price of bitcoin increases (assuming that it does) and you also benefit by accumulating more bitcoin; making a purchase of a mining share an extremely good decision.

If you wish to make big money through BitClub, though, you’ll want to build a team. Our compensation plan is structured to ensure that you’re paid commissions on every person you bring into the business.

Each time they earn bitcoin from a share in a mining pool, you’ll earn a percentage based on where they fall in your Level Up structure.

When you upgrade from a free member to a paid member (paying $99 in bitcoin), you’ll be given a position in the binary tree structure.

Note: This position will not be activated until you purchase a minimum of 1 share in any of the aforementioned mining pools.

You can begin enrolling new members once you’re activated and each person you introduce to BitClub Network will be placed on either your left or right leg.

To qualify, all you need to do is place one personally-sponsored person on your left and one on your right and you’ll be eligible for binary commissions.

For every $500 full share sold in your binary tree, you’ll receive 3 credits

For every $1 000 full share sold, you’ll receive 6 credits

For every $2 000 full share sold you’ll receive 12 credits

For every $3 500 Founder’s share sold, you’ll receive 21 credits

For every $1 000 GPU share sold, you’ll receive 6 credits

For every $5 000 GPU share sold, you’ll receive 30 credits

These credits will roll up to you, and all the people above you, irrespective of whether you introduce a new member, or one of your members introduces a new member.

Each time you have 15 credits on your left leg, and 15 credits on your right leg, you’ll “cycle” – and earn $200 in bitcoin.

This $200 will then reflect in your bitcoin wallet.

All sales (including spillover, should you receive spillover) down your left and right legs will count towards your total binary volume.

The number of times you can cycle per day will depend on your rank, as depicted below:

The ranks are as follows:


Besides cycle bonuses, there are Level Up bonuses, Matching Bonuses and Infinity Bonuses.

The higher your rank, the deeper you’ll earn and the more you’ll earn.

There is potentially huge money to be made from being a paid member of BitClub Network, and all due to an incredibly generous compensation plan.

If you’d like to be sent a video explaining the compensation plan, please contact us here.