Bitclub Network is a Ponzi scheme like MMM, right? Wrong.

  1. Is Bitclub Network a Ponzi Scheme?

Bitclub Network is NOTHING like MMM! Never was, never will be.

MMM was a Ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme, get rich quick scheme – whatever you want to call it.

People made their money only through the recruiting of others.

There was no product at all.

Compare this with Bitclub Network, which is a legitimate and transparent Bitcoin mining operation with all its mining on the public ledger, the Blockchain, and with mining facilities in a number of locations around the world.

So why does Bitclub sometimes get mistaken for another MMM?

Because people do NOT do their homework! They hear BITCOIN and because they first heard of Bitcoin when MMM was around, they automatically assume it is the same and say “no thanks” to joining.

BIG mistake!!!

Today, BitClub Network has more than 300 000 paid members around the world. It has been around for four years and will be around for many more years to come.

Not ONE person to my knowledge has lost his or her money, or will lose his or her money in the future – unless of course, the price of Bitcoin goes down to zero, and that’s not likely at all!

Right now, the price of Bitcoin is over $8 000. It could go a lot higher.

In the meantime, a LOT of people within Bitclub Network are making a LOT of money, and will continue to make a LOT of money. 

How are they doing this? By building teams, by introducing others.

Just like MMM, right? NO.

By joining Bitclub Network, people buy shares in mining pools to “mine” Bitcoin.

These are real shares, not shares in name only.

When you buy a share in a mining pool, you are buying hardware which allows Bitclub Network to mine Bitcoin for you over a 1 000 day period (three years).

You buy a share, which through the accumulation of partial shares, grows your share to multiple shares, so that at the end of the 1 000 day period, your one share might have grown to three or four shares – which then continue to mine on your behalf. During the 1 000 day period, the price of Bitcoin will in all likelihood increase too, so not only are you creating more Bitcoin for yourself, you are also benefitting through the price of Bitcoin going up.

And through this, you start to create wealth.

Unlike MMM, which guaranteed you a 30% return per month (TOTALLY UNSUSTAINABLE, AND LOOK WHERE THEY ARE NOW!) BitClub Network provides NO guarantees at all. It says so clearly on its website

Whilst anticipated returns are between 3 and 5% per month, this is not guaranteed, and cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the Bitcoin mining process.

(Any Bitcoin miner guaranteeing a return is very likely a Ponzi or pyramid scheme, so best to stay away as far as you can from them!).

The only legitimate Bitcoin miners are on the Blockchain – go to and then CHARTS.

If you scroll down, you will see a pie chart. On this pie chart, you will see BitClub Network amongst the top ten Bitcoin mining operations, in position 8 or 9.

By the end of this year, it could be even higher, and probably will be.

Does it LOOK like a Ponzi scheme?  No.

Bitclub Network currently has around 10 000 paid members in South Africa, and an office in Randburg Johannesburg.

We also have many members in other African countries, and thousands of members in Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and other countries in Asia and Europe.

By joining Bitclub, you may be making one of the best investment decisions in your life.

But it’s up to you.

After attending one of the Bitclub Network presentations around the country, you still think it’s another MMM, then fine.

Too many South Africans who were involved with MMM, and presumably lost their money through MMM, are too quick to lump other LEGITIMATE network marketing opportunities as Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes.

It’s crazy to do so.

And MANY members of Bitclub Network will tell you the same.

Bitclub Network is NOTHING like MMM. It’s an amazing and solid business opportunity and anyone looking to create wealth over the medium term should do their research and look into it. Seriously!

Gerard Kavonic is one of the first people to have joined BitClub Network in South Africa. This was in 2015. He co-administers and has another website  He has a team of hundreds of people from all over the world, which grows in size by the day. Anyone wanting to join BitClub Network as a paid member must register as a free member first. If you have already been introduced to BitClub, you should register under that person. If you have NOT been introduced and don’t have anyone to register under, you’re welcome to join under Gerard. His username is bitcoingerard and his personal link is  // He can be reached on +27 83 444 9888 and on and His skype address is gerardkavonic

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